Founded: 2009

Areas of expertise: Mentorship,
Women Education and Counselling, Orphanage and management, philanthropy, fundraising

Company Profile


Pink Africa continues to work tirelessly for the rights of African women through various projects and programs.


Pink Africa is an organization that works aggressively for the rights of women in Africa to have an equal voice in society. Pink Africa was created for women who live in African Countries where they do not enjoy even basic rights of women in other countries, including America. These women are routinely abused sexually and physically, denied fair education and mutilated without any recourse to the perpetrators.

Thank you for your interest in our organization. Pink Africa is a not-for-profit tax exempt 501(c)(3) organization created to actively  fight all forms of abuse and neglect against women in Africa. The organization is comprised of several comprehensive programs developed by dedicated African and United States personnel to work for solutions that address the needs of African women through many resources.

Pink Africa works tirelessly to shed light on the suffering of our African sisters and to take actions that lead to real change. Such suffering includes sexual assault such as rape and genital mutilation, physical and emotional abuse on women and girls and oppressive educational and social inequality. Instead, Pink Africa fights for the protection of women in all areas to ensure they are provided with the quality of life they deserve.

 Pink Africa is an organization that allows the strong voices of women to be raised so that African women can have equal rights and privileges.  Pink Africa organizes women around the world to join together for prayer, to spread awareness and to take united action relating to numerous social issues.